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Rika's mind

8 December 1983
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About me
My name is Rika, I'm twenty-two years old and live with my parents and my brothers in a small, Dutch village. Hopefully, I'll find a place of my own soon since I feel pretty pathetic still living with my parents at my age.

I study graphic design in Utrecht, although I'm actually finished. I just haven't picked up my diploma yet (will happen on June 27). At the moment I'm job hunting.
In my spare time I like to... well, I used to hang out at LJ a lot, but nowadays I only drop in sporadically. I like all sorts of things, but at the moment the emphasis lies on Terry Pratchett books, films and swimming (I like to keep in shape). Basically, school was my life.

Furthermore I like to entertain the theory that sex reproduction is the meaning of life.

I haven't got an on-line logo yet, but I'm working on it. I sometimes do graphic work for people, but because I haven't got my certificate yet I'm not very expensive. 20 euros an hour if you're interested.

Abreviations I use at LJ:
LJ - LiveJournal
btw - by the way
imo - in my opinion
OMG - Oh my God
OMB - Oh my Bowie

You're welcome
You're always welcome to leave comments to my posts, no matter what they're about or who you are. Although my answers can sometimes be rather 'direct', no-one gets bashed for voicing his/her opinion. Just know that flaming could either result in a big fat flame back at you or in full exposure in my journal. My LJ is not Friends Only, so feel free to drop me a line.
Just do me one courtesy: if you comment, please don't delete your comment afterwards. It really pisses me off for two reasons: (1) it's a cowardly thing to do, (2) you're taking away my chance to answer, or, in case your comment was criticism, you're robbing me of the chance to defend myself. I consider myself a reasonable person, but: delete your comment and, to quote Aragorn, "open war is upon you, whether you'd risk it or not".

Hoping that I didn't scare you off too much,